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If you have ever stored things on a longterm basis before, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to keep everything in pristine condition. Although it can seem difficult to keep things clean and organized, the process doesn't have to be hard, especially if you know what you are doing. This blog is here to help other people to store without all of the damage typically associated with longterm storage. Check out these helpful posts to learn how to keep furniture, ceramics, clothing, and even electronics safe while they are in storage each and every day. Learn more here!

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Become Familiarized With Storage Companies

If you have never used a storage company, then you probably don't know very much about them. This article will explain the different features storage companies can offer so you have a clearer picture of how they work.

There are many types and sizes of units

Since people have different storage needs, there are different types of units available. Some examples of units include indoor, outdoor, temperature-controlled, upper level, lower level, and much more.  Determine what all you need to store, and this will let you know what type of unit you should rent. For example, if you are storing a small amount of artwork, then a small indoor unit with temperature control is best. If you want to get the best rate possible when storing that artwork, then consider an upper unit if the facility has a second level. The upper levels are generally cheaper to rent. If you need to store your RV, then you need an outdoor unit that's large enough to accommodate the RV with a tall door located in a part of the facility where you will be able to pull the RV right into the unit without difficulty. 

There are often many other services offered

You don't want to assume the only service the storage company offers is renting you a storage unit. There are many other services and advantages they may offer. You should ask for a detailed list, so you make sure you take advantage of anything they do offer that would be useful to you. Some examples of additional services you may have access to through the storage company can include the following: 

  • Directly purchase packing supplies
  • Rent moving equipment, such as trucks, furniture dollies, packing blankets, etc.
  • Possibly have your things moved to the storage unit for you
  • Take advantage of any discounts such as senior citizen, military, or student discounts

You will remain in total control of your belongings

If you have never used a storage company before, then the thought of someone else being in charge of your belongings may be a bit worrisome. However, you should realize storage companies don't work this way. No one else will have access to the inside of your unit without your permission. You will be the only one in charge of your things. 

In many cases, a storage facility can be safer than if you were to store your things on your own property, such as in a storage shed or the garage. This is due to the fact that there are those added security measures in place and many units have temperature control.