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If you have ever stored things on a longterm basis before, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to keep everything in pristine condition. Although it can seem difficult to keep things clean and organized, the process doesn't have to be hard, especially if you know what you are doing. This blog is here to help other people to store without all of the damage typically associated with longterm storage. Check out these helpful posts to learn how to keep furniture, ceramics, clothing, and even electronics safe while they are in storage each and every day. Learn more here!

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Bigger Is Better — 3 Reasons To Rent A Larger Storage Unit

How large a self storage unit should you rent? While many people look for a space that is just large enough to hold all their things, this approach may not be in your best interests. In fact, you may want to go for an option one size (or even more) larger than that bare minimum. Why? Here are a few valuable reasons. 

1. You Can Keep Things Accessible

If you only have enough room to stuff everything into your storage unit, you won't have the option of accessing most of it again. Certainly, you won't be able to access much of it without removing some or all of the goods as well. But making your things inaccessible robs you of any opportunity to make good use of what you put away, and it prevents you from rotating your stuff. 

Instead, look for a unit that provides some room for you or others to move around inside the room. At the very least, consider leaving walking paths on all sides and at least one down the center of the storage unit. 

2. You Can Better Ensure Safety

If your goods are important enough to store rather than get rid of, they are important enough to make safe and secure. And the best way to do this is to have enough space to do things right the first time and to readjust if things change. 

With more square footage, you can stack things only as high as is safe. You aren't forced to stack on top of potentially unsecured or fragile boxes or furniture. And you can leave paths around to check on your goods and make sure they're staying secure. 

3. You Can Organize the Unit

Rather than just throw everything inside without a plan, more room gives you the ability to organize your belongings. You can use proper organizing systems, including shelves, sturdy stackable bins, and hanging racks. A good organization system maximizes how you use a storage unit because you can access your items again, rotate seasonal goods, and determine what you may or may not need to continue storing. 

Which of these benefits is most important to you? No matter whether you want to make stored items safer, more useful, or easier to get in and out, a larger storage unit is a simple and effective solution. Learn more about the size and layout options by visiting a self storage unit facility in your area today. 

If you are interested in a self storage facility, speak to a local company.